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By: Kya Hpone Kyaw/ Awng Myat Htun Translated by KDNG   
Friday, 31 August 2012 12:18

Yangon (Mizzima) — Company boss U Htay Myint gave promise that he will give back more than a thousand
acre of farmland which had been confiscated in Hugawng valley in Kachin State to native landowners, a representative
of farmers Ms. Bawk Ja who went to negotiate on Wednesday said to Mizzima.

U Htay Myint gave promise some farmland in Phakant territory among two hundred thousand acre of farmland which
 hehad been confiscated since six years ago to plant cassava and sugarcane will give back.
According to Ms. Bawk Ja from National Democratic Front (NDF), “U Htay Myint said he will compensate the losing of planting time and will give back the confiscate land”.
A picture of Hugawng valley farmer protesters who came for demanding their farmland rally in front of Yuzana Hotel,
Shwegontai road, Bahan township on August 30, because the Yuzana Company had been confiscated farmland.

(Photo— Hing Htet, Mizzima)
Famer protesters came for gathering in front of Yuzana Hotel near Shwegontai road, Bahan township, Yangon,
but they halt rally because they heard news from Ms. Bawk Ja that the land will receive back.   
According to U Htet Aung Kyaw secretary of NDF party in Yangon, U Htay Myint will give back the land and he
will help to register the farmland if some farmland has no permit.
U Htet Aung Kyaw said to the media that the compensation is being negotiated for losing of planting time,
and the confiscate land were from Wara Zup village, Namsan village, Ban kawng village, Laja pa village, Aungra yang village,
and Jahtu zup village.
A farmer of Slg. Zaw Seng who had been confiscated the land in Wara zup village said his fruit land destroyed by bulldozer since four years ago must be taken time for eight years to grow up fruit tree as before even the Company give back the land.
Farmers are protesting to give back the land, which was confiscated by Company and military regime in the country.
A famous businessman U Teza own Shwewayawng Company hand over more than forty thousand confiscate land to Government in order to give back to farmers.

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