Defending the Hkakaborazi Mountains Against Naypyidaw’s “National Park”

    For many years, Rawang people (Kachin) have been living in the Hkakaborazi areas northern Kachin state, one of Burma’s only snow covered regions. Large, dense natural forests, rare species of wild animals and herbal medicines have been managed according to local customs for the future. Unfortunately in 1996, the central government was set up ” National Park” Under this “Park” the area came under centralized control and the local people were prevented from protecting their indigenous lands. Forests, animal habitats and herbal medicines were destroyed and everyone suffered. In 2011, the government and UNESCO World Heritage jointly expanded the southern expansion areas to include “National Park”. Therefore, indigenous peoples suffering innumerable hardships. Indigenous peoples have written open letter to the government, release statement and protest have taken place several times to stop the project, which is not beneficial to the local people.